2019 General Assembly Convenes In Raleigh To Kick Off The Legislative “Long Session”

The members of the 2019 General Assembly reconvened in Raleigh last Wednesday to kick off the legislative “long session.” The long session is the first of a biannual legislative process that allows members to introduce legislation without restriction. Over the next several months more than 1,000 bills will be introduced by 170 members of both the House of Representatives and the Senate. There is no time restraint on the length of this session. Unlike the three previous long sessions, Republicans will not hold a veto proof “super-majority.” If the Governor vetoes legislation moving forward, Republicans in the chamber will either have to have Democrats cross the aisle or alter the legislation so that the Governor does not object. There are many dynamics that make adjournment predictions difficult. No matter how long the process takes, your NCHBA legislative team will be there every step of the way looking after the best interests of our members.

The legislative process will pause over the next two weeks as legislators and staff take care of several logistical formalities. Leaders in both the House and Senate chambers will work with members on committee and office assignments. The next scheduled session will be held on Wednesday, January 30.

NCHBA, in concert with several other business organizations, held a reception for the members of the 2019 General Assembly on Tuesday night. Joining your legislative team for the event was 2019 President Phil Warrick, President-Elect Mark Martin, Legislative Committee Chair Warren Smith, Build PAC Chair Allen Oliver, and OBX member Duke Geraghty. The event was held at the North Carolina Museum of History and was a great start to the new session. Several of the newly elected members of the two chambers were in attendance along with veteran legislators of both parties. This allowed the team to start the process of building new relationships, while forging relationships with returning members.

In 2019, NCHBA’s legislative team will continue to work with legislators on behalf of our members in an effort to ease the regulatory burden on home builders across North Carolina. The last several sessions have produced extraordinary results for the home building industry, saving builders millions of dollars in taxes and regulations. With regulations touching nearly every aspect of land development and home construction, NCHBA must continue to scale back unnecessary barriers that prevent the industry from reaching its full market potential.

Once again, NCHBA will have a major pro-active agenda which is still being formulated. Your legislative team is already meeting with key legislators to discuss those items. In addition, one the most important jobs of your legislative team over the next several months will be to monitor the introduction of legislation with emphasis on bills which may have adverse consequences on the housing industry. We will also be working in conjunction with other business groups on matters of common interest.  

NCHBA Is Active During Brief Post-Election Session

The General Assembly returned for an unusual post-election session on November 27. The primary purpose of this session was to craft legislation to implement the recently-enacted constitutional amendment regarding the photo-ID requirement for voting. In addition, they took care of several other issues left over from the summer’s short session. Legislators completed their business last Thursday and sent bills to the Governor for his consideration.

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Builders Mutual Generously Supports NCHBA Hurricane Florence Disaster Relief Fund

In the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, Builders Mutual joined efforts with NCHBA as well as our local Home Builders Associations in North Carolina and the state Home Builders Association of South Carolina to help the many members and families who were impacted by significant damage and flooding.

Builders Mutual contributed $10,000 to our North Carolina Home Builders Educational & Charitable Foundation, Inc. (NCHBECF) Hurricane Florence Disaster Relief Fund and $10,000 to the SC Charitable Fund. They also partnered closely with the local North Carolina associations who were identified as FEMA disaster areas. An additional $30,500 was donated in varying amounts to 10 local associations.

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STARS Awards & Galaxy Awards Winners Announced

The North Carolina Home Builders Association presented nearly 50 prestigious STARS awards at the annual STARS Awards Gala on Wednesday, September 12, 2018 at the Omni Charlotte Hotel. The STARS Awards program honors the achievements of home building industry professionals from across North Carolina.

View photos from the event.

Winners receive recognition in areas such as marketing and advertising, web design, sales/information center, landscape design, interior merchandising, architecture/floor plan, remodeling/renovation and special projects. Awards are also given to local home builders associations.

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