NCHBA Helps Lead Successful Legislative Effort To Reject Industrial Commission Nominee As Session Concludes

The General Assembly adjourned today after a very hectic six-week short session bringing closure to a very successful legislative session for NCHBA. However, legislators are not done for the year as they plan to return in late November for the limited purpose of considering legislation implementing any of the several constitutional amendments which voters may approve during the upcoming general election earlier in November.

After having disposed of statewide bills which required approval by the Governor (or his veto) on June 15, the General Assembly this week and last turned its attention to local bills, veto overrides, constitutional amendments and confirmations which do not require the approval of the Governor.

It is this latter topic—legislative confirmations—which consumed much of your legislative team’s time this week. Workers’ compensation issues are always a priority focus for NCHBA because affordable workers’ compensation insurance premiums and a fair adjudication system for workers’ compensation claims are critical to the success of our industry specifically and the business community in general.

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Governor Signs Two Of NCHBA’s Key Legislative Priorities

Last week, lawmakers considered and passed those statewide bills which were calendared for action and sent them to the Governor. While the General Assembly is in session, the Governor has ten (10) days to sign a bill having statewide application, veto that bill or let the bill become law without his signature. This week, lawmakers turned their attention to local bills and constitutional amendments which, if passed, do not require any action by the Governor to become law.

This time period also allows the General Assembly the opportunity to calendar for override any bills which the Governor might veto. For example, both chambers overrode the Governor’s veto on two bills on Tuesday and Wednesday largely on partisan votes. The first dealt with revising judicial districts in Mecklenburg and Wake counties and the second made several changes in the elections law.

We are pleased to announce that Governor Cooper today signed into law two of our key session priority bills, HB 948 (Building Code Regulatory Reform) and HB 826 (Clarify System Development Fees). Earlier this week, Executive Vice President Mike Carpenter communicated with the Governor’s staff to explain the provisions of both bills and to solicit the Governor’s approval. See this link for HB 948 and this link for HB 826 for a discussion of the key provisions of both of the new laws.

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Several Legislative Priorities Pass

It Was A Busy Week At The General Assembly
HB 948 Building Code Regulatory Reform passed the House by a vote of 104-0 on Thursday. One representative nearly missed the vote but had his vote added shortly after this photo was taken to bring the “aye” votes to 104.

Leadership in both the House and Senate continue to push for an early adjournment. Rumors started to swirl this week that both chambers would work to finish up most of their legislative agenda this week with the hope of turning their attention next week to constitutional amendments that would be added to the November ballot.

The budget will become law on July 1. The House took the official step to override the Governor’s objection on Tuesday. The Senate took the same step last week, mostly along party lines. The 2018-2019 budget contains one of NCHBA’s top session priorities — a  crucial provision which will allow for RMI repair contractors who pay sales tax on materials for an RMI project to pay the sales tax at the retail level and receive credit on the tax dollars submitted to the Department of Revenue.

Our top legislative priority, HB 948 (Building Code Regulatory Reform) was sent to the Governor on Thursday. The Senate approved the legislative priority on Wednesday by a vote of 47-0, with the House concurring with the Senate changes by a margin of 104-0 on Thursday. As highlighted in previous updates, the bill contains provisions that will expedite the inspection process for builders across the state. The latest version of building code regulatory reform was made possible by the leadership of the bill sponsors Representatives Mark Brody (R-Union), Dennis Riddell (R-Alamance), Carla Cunningham (D-Mecklenburg), Larry Potts (R-Davidson).

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Senate Overrides Governor’s Veto Of Budget

As expected, Governor Cooper formally vetoed the conference report on the state budget on Wednesday, which set the stage for a veto override vote in the Senate on Thursday. After a brief debate the Senate voted along party lines to override the Governor’s objection. The House is expected to follow suit early next week.

The Governor and legislative leaders were simply unable to bridge the large philosophical divide on spending priorities. The budget conference report contains a finance provision that will now allow for RMI repair contractors who pay sales tax on materials for an RMI project to pay the sales tax at the retail level and obtain credit for the sales tax collected from the homeowner on the entire project which must be remitted to the Department of Revenue. This provision was something our members had asked for over the past year and its insertion into the conference report was one of NCHBA’s top priorities for the session.

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