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President’s Message

2015 President’s Goals

Sean Sullivan, owner of Living Stone Construction in Black Mountain, NC, is the 2015 President of NCHBA. You may contact Sean at sean@livingstoneconstruction.com or (828) 669-4343.  The following outlines his goals and objectives during his year as President.

“As iron sharpens iron, so one member sharpens another, NCHBA… strengthening our state by empowering one member at a time.”

1. Continue to educate our members regarding NCHBA’s mission, purpose and value.

a. Present to our members the core competencies and roles of the NCHBA as it relates to housing affordability, advocacy, and our education in easy to understand terms.

b. Recite NCHBA Mission Statement at the beginning of all Executive Committee and Board of Directors meetings.

c. Maintain Senior Officer and Regional Vice Presidents (RVP) visibility by attending local HBA General Membership meetings and special events.

i. President to attend at least two local meetings per month.
ii. Senior Officers to attend at least one local meeting per month.
iii. RVP’s to visit local HBA’s in their region on at least two occasions during the year.

2. Strengthen our membership. Empower the locals by enabling the EO’s.

a. Create a power networking time slot for the EO’s at our Quarterly meetings.

b. Create a mentor program between the EO’s.

c. RVP’s to visit with EO’s and help them problem solve and get answers.

3. Strengthen BUILD-PAC by strengthening awareness and participation through our Trustees.

4. Increase professionalism through education.

a. Promote NCBI as a way to increase the success of members’ companies

b. Recognize designations on name plates, tags, etc.

c. Promote vocational education opportunities at the high schools and the  community colleges.

5. Continue to promote to our members the benefits of NCHBA Quarterly meetings through the Scholarship and Mentor Program.

6. Focus on initiating Objectives of the 2014 Strategic Plan.

7. Continue to support the NAHB through committee involvement and meeting attendance.

* NCHBA, the voice of the North Carolina home building industry, is an association of building professionals and related industries working together to provide safe and affordable housing for the people of North Carolina. We protect the American Dream of home ownership through advocacy, education and professional development.

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