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President’s Message

2016 President’s Goals

Brian Pace, of Pace Development Group in Charlotte, NC, is the 2016 President of NCHBA. You may contact Brian at bpace@pacedevelop.com. The following outlines his goals and objectives during his year as President.

Know, Grow and Go with NCHBA in 2016

  1. Continue to educate our members regarding NCHBA’s core mission, purpose and value.
    1. Maintain Senior Officer and Regional Vice Presidents (RVP) visibility by attending local HBA General Membership meetings and special events.
    2. Continue to strengthen the RVP’s role as a critical liaison to local HBAs.
    3. Continue efforts to support EOs with a focus on educating new EOs.
  2. Continue to strengthen NCHBA’s advocacy mission and goals.
    1. Implement Sec. 527 Entity and use it effectively in this election cycle.
    2. Establish an NCHBA High Production Builders Council to provide additional resources and to seek input from it to shape association policy.
    3. Continue efforts to increase financial support for NC BUILD-PAC.
    4. Develop specific subject matter expertise in NCHBA advocacy team.
    5. Engage our RVP’s local connection to area General Assembly members.
  3. Increase focus of the NCHBA on non-dues revenue opportunities by seeking additional sponsors and more support from existing sponsors with the creation of a newly formed Sponsorship Committee.
  4. Continue to discuss new partnerships, create more engagement for members and energize new sponsorship and attendance opportunities to help grow the 21st Century Building Expo & Conference into a more of a Southeastern regional builders show.
  5. Seek commitment of ALL NCHBA Board Members to recruit a minimum two new members in 2016.
  6. Evaluate and promote the benefits of the scholarship and mentor program at NCHBA Quarterly Meetings.
  7. Continue the implementation of the goals and objectives of the 2014-2016 Strategic Plan.
  8. Continue to evaluate and enhance the NCHBA committee and council experiences through the implementation of regular professional guest speakers and unique programs.
  9. Create a Technology Subcommittee under the Communications Committee to review website and all forms of electronic communication.
  10. Create a Young Professionals Working Group similar to the new NAHB initiative that can recommend how NCHBA can better attract, serve and relate to Generation X/Y and Millennial members.
  11. Organize annual NCHBA Past Presidents’ luncheon at one of the quarterly meetings in 2016.
  12. Continue to support and advocate all programs that promote construction careers and education across NC.

* NCHBA, the voice of the North Carolina home building industry, is an association of building professionals and related industries working together to provide safe and affordable housing for the people of North Carolina. We protect the American Dream of home ownership through advocacy, education and professional development.

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