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President’s Message

2013 President’s Goals

J. Gary Hill, president of J. Gary Hill LLC, is the 2013 President of NCHBA. You may contact Gary at jgaryhill@triad.rr.com or (336) 420-5893. His theme for the year is, ”“Re-Inspire…Passion with a Purpose…Housing in North Carolina” The following outlines his goals and objectives during his year as President.

1. Continue to educate our members regarding NCHBA’s mission, purpose and value.

a. Present to our members the core competencies and roles of the NCHBA as it relates to housing affordability, advocacy, and education in easy to understand terms.
b. Recite NCHBA Mission Statement* at beginning all Executive Committee and Board of Director meetings.
c. Increase the senior officer and RVP visibility by attending local HBA general membership meetings and special events.

i.  President to attend at least two local meetings per month
ii. Other senior officers to attend at least one local meeting per month
iii. RVPs to visit all local HBAs in their region on at least two occasions during the year

2. Celebrate 50th Anniversary of NCHBA Chartering in a special event TBD.

3. Increase NC BUILD-PAC  contributions by 25% over YE 2012, by the end of 2013.

4. Increase professionalism through education

a. Promote NCBI as a way to increase the success of members’ companies
b. Promote vocational education opportunities at the high schools and the community colleges

5. Continue to promote to our members the benefits of NCHBA Quarterly Meetings through continuing the Scholarship and Mentor Program.

6. Continue to focus on completing all Objectives of the 2011 Strategic Plan.

a. Discuss arrangements for a Strategic Planning Retreat for Fall 2013.

7. Increase Builder and Associate membership by net 15% over YE 2012 numbers.

8. Support Rick Judson as he serves the federation as Chairman of NAHB.


* NCHBA, the voice of the North Carolina home building industry, is an association of building professionals and related industries working together to provide safe and affordable housing for the people of North Carolina. We protect the American Dream of home ownership through advocacy, education and professional development.

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