SB 55 (Continuing Education For General Contractors) Clears Key House Committee

SB 55 (Continuing Education for General Contractors) cleared a key hurdle on Tuesday, as the bill passed the House Regulatory Reform Committee. The legislation is sponsored by Senators Rick Gunn (R-Alamance), Paul Newton (R-Cabarrus) and Don Davis (D-Greene). The bill would require at least one qualifier of a building, residential or unclassified licensee to obtain 8 hours of instruction annually as a requirement for license renewal. Starting in 2021, all 8 hours can be satisfied by taking approved courses online. After a brief explanation of the bill from Senator Rick Gunn, the bill passed unanimously after a motion from Representative Graig Meyer (D-Orange).

Sponsors of the House companion bill to SB 55, Representatives Larry Potts (R-Davidson) and Mark Brody (R-Union), were in attendance to show support for the legislation. Representative Brody also serves as one of the Chairs of the House Regulatory Reform Committee. The bill will now head to the House Finance Committee and is expected to be heard in the coming weeks.

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