Congratulations 2019 STARS Awards Winners

2019 STARS Awards winners take the stage following the Gala on Wednesday, September 11, 2019.

The North Carolina Home Builders Association presented nearly 50 prestigious STARS awards at the annual STARS Awards Gala on Wednesday, September 11, 2019 at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Charlotte Uptown. The STARS Awards program honors the achievements of home building industry professionals from across North Carolina.

Winners receive recognition in areas such as marketing and advertising, web design, sales/information center, landscape design, interior merchandising, architecture/floor plan, remodeling/renovation and special projects. Awards are also given to local home builders associations.

The top awards of the evening went to the following recipients:

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Governor Signs Wake County Septic Tank Rules Changes Into Law

On Wednesday, the Governor signed into law SB 353 (Amend Cartway Path/Amend Septic Tank Laws). The bill contained a much-needed fix to a problem which recently came to light involving the application of the state’s septic tank rules in Wake County. Absent our legislative fix, this issue would have potentially cost members and landowners millions of dollars in lost land and retrofits to onsite wastewater devices as well as sparking unnecessary and costly litigation.

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NCHBA Monitoring Hurricane Dorian

The North Carolina Home Builders Association is working closely with state agencies, including the NC Office of Recovery and Resiliency and the NC Department of Insurance as we prepare for Hurricane Dorian reaching North Carolina. 

Here is a link to important information related to the hurricane

Read more to see six recommendations to help you prepare for the storm.

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NCHBA Fix For Onsite Wastewater Permit Issue Is Sent To The Governor

Legislation which contains an NCHBA fix for a major onsite wastewater permit issue in Wake County took another step closer to becoming law this week. As previously reported in last week’s NCHBA Legislative Report, Wake County, which like other counties, has a locally-delegated onsite wastewater program authorized by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. These locally-delegated programs must meet the minimum requirements of state rules including a rule which requires a 25-foot setback for down-slope stormwater diversions. As a result of a recent Department audit, it was determined that Wake County had, for years, only been requiring a 15-foot setback. The county began enforcing the 25-foot rule prospectively but the dilemma was what to do about lots which had previously been approved and had homes in various stages of construction. Additionally, the county made the determination that it would not be able to “grandfather” any land or lots where applications or development plans had previously been filed, or approved, thereby leaving the legal status of these lots in limbo.

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NCHBA Septic Tank Fix Passes Senate On Initial Vote As Session Continues

A bill which contains an NCHBA amendment to address a major issue concerning onsite wastewater permits in Wake County took another step closer to becoming law last Wednesday. As previously reported in the NCHBA Legislative Report, a recent audit by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services found that Wake County’s locally-delegated program did not meet state minimums for setbacks for down-slope stormwater diversions. Believing they lacked the authority, the county elected not to “grandfather” existing permits previously issued and in various stages of construction.

Your legislative team worked quickly with impacted landowners and other parties to craft a legislative solution. This language will grandfather landowner applications and development plans submitted prior to August 1, 2019 with the following language, “a minimum horizontal distance between every sanitary sewage treatment and disposal system and downslope interceptor drains, foundation drains, and stormwater diversions shall be 15 feet” and language to clarify that the state rule shall only apply to stormwater diversions with cuts of 2 feet or more in vertical height. This will relieve landowners of the cost of retrofits and expensive alterations which would have been required in the absence of this legislation and end the potential for confusion and litigation.

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