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President’s Profile

2019 President Phil Warrick

Phil Warrick, of Piedmont Wholesale Engineered Products in Greensboro, NC, is the 2019 President of NCHBA. You may contact Phil at president@nchba.org. The following outlines his goals and objectives during his year as President.

Phil Warrick Leads NCHBA Into New Year, New Opportunities

A new year means a new president for the North Carolina Home Builders Association. Phil Warrick of Greensboro was recently installed as the 2019 NCHBA President during the annual Installation Ceremony and Housing Hall of Fame Awards held in December. Warrick owns and operates Piedmont Wholesale, a company that designs and supplies structural products for high-end custom homes throughout the Piedmont region of North Carolina.

“I’m excited to start this journey as president of the North Carolina Home Builders Association,” Warrick said. “There are many opportunities in the year ahead for our association to grow and to strengthen our commitment to being the leaders in North Carolina for housing affordability for North Carolina families.”

Warrick came to North Carolina after working corporate jobs in the building materials business – jobs that kept him constantly on the move.

After several years in the industry, Warrick felt he had the relationships and knowledge to own his own business. So he and his wife Ann put down roots in Greensboro, which they’ve now called home for more than 30 years.

Greensboro is about 1,200 miles east of Warrick’s native home of Nebraska. A true cornhusker, Warrick attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln on a Navy/ROTC scholarship. While in college, he got involved in one of the University of Nebraska’s most revered organizations – the National Society of Pershing Rifles. Founded by the famed World War I General John J. Pershing, the organization aids in the development of leaders for the Army, Navy and Air Force by emphasizing close-order and exhibition rifle drills.

“Excellence in drill is a result of discipline and dedication,” Warricks says. “And those are traits that translate to other endeavors in life.”

Most immediately, those traits helped Warrick rise through the ranks to become the National Commander of the Pershing Rifles. After graduation, they translated to his service in the Marine Corps. Today, they’ve influenced the kind of leader he has become.

Warrick also owes one more debt of gratitude to the Pershing Rifles. He met his wife Ann through the organization. The couple has now been married for 43 years.

A fixture of the Greensboro Builders Association, Warrick has been actively involved in the HBA for more than 25 years. In that time, he’s served in a variety of roles including as a member of the executive committee for 10 years and as the association’s president in 2016. His service to the Greensboro BA merited him the association’s highest honor in 2017 – The Eugene Gulledge Award for Distinguished Service, which recognizes outstanding contributions to the Greensboro BA and the community at large.

Warrick first became involved in the Greensboro BA when he started his business.

“The Greensboro BA has always been strong in this area,” Warrick says. “Most of the people I did business with then and most of the people I do business with today are members. So it’s a natural fit.”

In the coming year, Warrick is committed to keeping NCHBA focused on key actionable items in its 2020 Strategic Plan crafted last year. The vision of that plan is summed as follows: “A North Carolina with no unreasonable legislative or regulatory barriers to homeownership and the home building industry.”

“The health of our industry is absolutely connected to the health of North Carolina’s communities and families,” Warrick said. “We’ve got to remain ‘on the wall’ as our 2018 President Alan Banks would say, to protect our industry at the legislature and in municipalities across the state, because if we don’t fewer and fewer families will be able to afford to buy a home here.”

To that end, Warrick says he will continue to build on the strength of NCHBA as the leading expert in legislative and regulatory matters by increasing support for NCHBA BUILD-PAC, growing the Home Builders Education Fund, Inc. and helping guide legislation in the 2019 Session of the North Carolina General Assembly requiring a certain amount of continuing education for general contractors. Warrick also aims to build on the success of NCHBA’s “Home Building First Tour” to elevate these regional forums to engage and educate members.

Another point Warrick plans to emphasize in 2019 is the need to recruit youthful leaders.

“One of my big things is going to be to try to develop more youth leadership throughout the local and state levels,” Warrick says. “We’ve got to empower younger members with leadership positions. It’s time for leaders of my generation to get serious about passing the torch.”

“This year holds a lot of promise for NCHBA,” he says. “I’m ready to get started and look forward to working alongside the staff, executive committee, executive officers and our many members across North Carolina.”

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