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Convenient: Classes are held throughout the year in locations across North Carolina. In the Fall, classes are held in conjunction with the 21st Century Building Expo & Conference in Charlotte, N.C.

Affordable: Cost varies by class, however, NCBI strives to make its classes affordable for General Contractors fulfilling their mandatory 8 hours of Continuing Education as well as those seeking to take classes solely for professional development and to earn a designation.

Course Curriculum: The course curriculum has been carefully selected by a combined group of NCBI Trustees, NCBI Faculty Members and N.C. State University professors to represent the major areas of knowlege most important for success in the home building industry.  Courses are offered in the following tracks: Building Technology, Business Management, Computer Technology, Customer Services, Design, Diversification, Leadership, Marketing and Project Management.

Flexible and Factual: There is an excellent chance that the information you need to put your business ahead of your competitors is offered in the dozens of NCBI continuing education courses.  Because each course can be updated immediately with the latest building trends, you are assured of fast, factual and profit-oriented information.

Faculty Instructors: Faculty instructors have been carefully selected to develop courses in support of a top-notch, educational program.  Faculty will consistently update course materials and topics will change periodically to address current trends in the industry.

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