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North Carolina Builder Institute

Spring Session

Thank you for your interest in the Spring 2018 Session of the North Carolina Builder Institute, which will be held March 20-22, 2018, in Raleigh.

Registration is now open!
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Hotel information: A block of rooms is reserved at the Hilton Garden Inn, 131 Columbus Ave., Cary, NC for $129/night. Click here to reserve your room or call (919) 377-0440 and ask for the NCHBA group rate. Deadline to reserve a room at the group rate is February 27, 2018.

Questions? Please contact Alison Barnes at (919) 676-9090.

Course Schedule

Tuesday – March 20, 2018

NAHB: CAPS 1 Marketing & Communicating with the Aging In Place Client (8 Hours)
Millions of Americans are living longer and more active lives. Because they are embracing newly found and changing lifestyles, they need to revitalize their home environment. Identifying this burgeoning opportunity and then developing the skills to interact with this market can help you grow your business dramatically. This course equips participants with the knowledge and tools to effectively market and sell services to the aging-in-place (AIP) market. This course is required for the NAHB Certified Aging in Place Specialist designation. It can be an elective for the Masters CSP and CGA designations.
Designation: CAPS  Instructor: Steve Monroe


PM103 Quality Control Techniques (4 Hours – AM Session)
This course will examine quality control techniques including TQC and other means of partnering with trade contractors to implement a zero-defect construction process.
Designations: AB, AA, AR, ARS  Instructor: Buddy Hughes


BT108 Resource Efficiency And Materials (4 Hours – AM Session)
Build confidence in your product by learning the best practices for water management and resource efficiency. Maintaining a clean and dry building assembly ensures not only jobsite appearence but longevity of the building structure as well.
Designations: AB, AA, AR, ARS  Instructor: Josh Collins


LD301 Moving Beyond Banging Heads (8 Hours)  
This course is designed around dealing with those difficult people we encounter in our building business.
Designations: AMB, AMA  Instructor: Greg Isenhour


PM203 Maximizing Your Profits: Cost Control (4 Hours – PM Session)  
Maximizing profits begin in the field.  Learn how to implement field management tools to complete projects on time in budget with zero-defects.
Designations: AB, AA, AR, ARS  Instructor: Sean Sullivan


BT109 Comfort And Indoor Air Quality (4 Hours – PM Session)  
Selling comfort is a difficult proposition and requires knowledge of building science principles and how they interact with current applications to combat the elements of discomfort.
Designations: AB, AA, AR, ARS  Instructor: Josh Collins


Wednesday – March 21, 2018
NAHB: CAPS 2 Design Concepts For Livable Homes And Aging In Place (8 Hours)
To help home owners make their home a safe and comfortable living environment for the long term, many responsive and innovative products are emerging and service providers are focusing their businesses on creating new homes and renovations that provide design flexibility, pleasing aesthetics, high function and usability for all people. This course enables participants to identify common challenges and understand attractive design concepts that create a safe and comfortable environment for clients who want to age in place (AIP) as well as individuals who have a condition that requires home modifications or equipment.
Designation: CAPS  Instructor: Steve Monroe


BT208 Partner With The Land (4 Hours – AM Session)
The purpose of this course is to give a thorough overview of considerations that should be made in order to thoughtfully develop land for residential purposes. We will discuss considerations for cost and value based upon regional constraints and desired outcomes. The class will also learn how to avoid costly mistakes and develop Site Plans to better maximize space utilization.
Designations: AB, AA, AR, ARS  Instructor: Sean Sullivan


BM106 The Numbers Behind A Successful Remodeling Business (4 Hours – AM Session)
Knowing your numbers is the first step in creating a successful remodeling business. First, this class will review the typical structure, function, and processes of a remodeling company. We will discuss overhead structure, profit and loss statements, and why it is nearly impossible to do both new construction and remodeling successfully. At the end of this class, you will be able to determine your overhead, your markup, and calculate, using numbers, what your yearly profit will be.
Designations: AB, AA, AR, ARS  Instructor: Erik Anderson


LD302 Ethics & Principles: Liabilities Or Assets? (8 Hours) 
Every day in many ways we all have tough choices to make. When you’re between a rock and a hard place does each one really matter as long as we accomplish our ultimate goal? Have you ever caught yourself saying, “It’s o.k.  Everybody does it.” Or “hey, whatever works!”? Participants in this seminar will explore ethics and principles as they relate to decision-making and develop strategies for responding to the challenges of today.
Designations: AMB, AMA  Instructor: Greg Isenhour


BT209 Renewable Technology For Construction Applications (4 Hours – PM Session)           
The purpose of this course is to give a thorough overview of renewable technologies in residential construction to better be able to sell to your customers. Students taking this course will walk away with a good understanding of the history, the benefits and challenges of using renewables, practical applications, and the use of tax credits. We will examine the Energy Raters role, how to monitor energy usage, and how to leverage the cost of these technologies with Energy Mortgages and Addendums.
Designations: AB, AA, AR, ARS  Instructor: Sean Sullivan


BM206 Remodeling: The Bad & The Good Strategies For Success (4 Hours – PM Session)                        
This course will look first at some of the mistakes remodeling companies make and discuss the consequences of these mistakes. After we have the negative ideas out of the way, we will concentrate on the successful tactics of many remodeling companies. Students will review and discuss various remodeling benchmarks to which a company can strive.
Designations: AB, AA, AR, ARS  Instructor: Erik Anderson


Thursday – March 22, 2018

NAHB: CAPS 3 Details & Solutions For Livable Homes & Aging In Place (8 Hours)
This course builds on the CAPS I and CAPS II courses (which are prerequisites for this course) by introducing design solutions and techniques for professionals whose clients require specialized design and equipment to live and thrive comfortably in their homes. Whole house product specification and installation techniques will be covered accompanied by practical, hands-on activities.
Designation: CAPS  Instructor: Steve Monroe


CS101 Planning For Outstanding Service (4 Hours – AM Session)
Outstanding customer service just doesn’t happen.  It requires commitment, planning and discipline.  This curriculum identifies the philosophical imperatives for builders and remodelers interested in establishing an effective customer service program for their company and the foundational steps necessary to implement a successful customer service program in their business.
Designations: AB, AA, AR, ARS  Instructor: Wallace West


BT101 The ABC’s Of Building Quality Concrete Floors & Driveways (4 Hours – AM Session)
During this course we will discuss how to build quality concrete slabs and driveways, including basic design principles and practical repair methodologies. This course will provide you with basic knowledge to construct durable concrete slabs on ground and to understand and/or prevent problems associated with one of the most costly problems experienced in residential construction; this is a great opportunity to improve the the quality of your homes by learning the ABC’s.
Designations: AB, AA, AR, ARS  Instructor: Roberto Nunez


BM303 Managing By The Numbers (4 Hours – AM Session)
When it comes to the bottom line, the numbers tell everything. Participants should come to this class with their company financials ready to discuss and learn from each other. Key financial ratios and benchmarks will be addressed and the number one question everyone wants to know, “How much can I make?”
Designations: AMB, AMA  Instructor: Greg Isenhour


CS201 Exceeding Your Customers’ Expectations (4 Hours – PM Session)
Consistently exceeding the customer’s expectations is a challenge in any business but especially for the home builder and remodeler. The key is effective management of the customer’s expectations. This course focuses on methods to help the builder/remodeler identify, establish and better manage customer expectations. The curriculum also explores the importance of effective interpersonal and communication skills, as well as techniques available to assess how effectively the company is at meeting the customer’s expectations.
Designations: AB, AA, AR, ARS  Instructor: Wallace West


PM107 Building Codes (4 Hours – PM Session)
Builders and remodelers need to execute projects that comply with relevant codes and standards. This course explains why regulations are written, which agencies write them and how to deal with the representatives of those agencies. Topics include state and local building departments, plan review, permits, inspections, code enforcement and the appeals process. You will also discuss changes to the 2012 NC Residential Building Codes.
Designations: AB, AA, AR, ARS  Instructor: Robert Privott


DV303 Commercial Construction (4 Hours – PM Session)
Diversifying into different related businesses can sometimes be of benefit to the residential homebuilder. Commercial construction could be a good diversity match for the contractor ready to take their company to the next level. This course will examine how a residential builder might incorporate commercial construction into their existing business. Organization of the company, skills needed, subcontractor base, pricing, and marketing of the business are just a few of the details that will be discussed.
Designations: AMB, AMA  Instructor: Greg Isenhour


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