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Housing’s Impact on Life
in North Carolina

Housing and employment are linked because housing affects so many aspects of life for North Carolinians. A few examples follow:

• Because North Carolina offers a wonderful quality of life. This is in part because we have so many great builders who have built wonderful homes to live in throughout the state. When economic development recruiters court business to come to North Carolina, they have a great housing stock to offer.

• Construction provides the opportunity to many for self-employment because most of the businesses that surround residential home building are small businesses. The atmosphere for small business is one of North Carolina’s strengths. When housing grows, small business grows.

• Construction provides a wide variety of employment opportunities from unskilled labor, to specialized skilled labor, to clerical, to administrative, to management-level jobs. Without a healthy housing industry jobs that affect all levels of society disappear.

• Residential building has a trickle-down affect on many different aspects of the economy. Not only during the construction phase of a house are there benefits to the employment picture, but once people are living in those houses, those people and their activities affect many other portions of the economy.

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