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How Professional Designations Benefit You as a Homeowner

Building or remodeling the home where you and your family are going to live is a big deal!  It not only is an important economic investment, but your life experiences every day are affected by the quality of the design and construction.

All of us have heard horror stories of incompetent builders and run-away remodelers. For such an important event in your life, how can you choose a builder or remodeler and have a degree of confidence that you will be happy with the results? How do they know if the job will get done right? How do you know if the contractor will be able to price the job correctly, so that he can finish it to your satisfaction? How can you be sure something won’t happen during the job that will leave you liable and holding the bag?

The best answer can be found in the word “professionalism.” A homeowner can have confidence in a person dedicated to the specialty—trained for and with experience in bringing remodeling projects to a satisfactory completion. The homeowner needs someone who has taken the time to learn about the products available to meet their project’s unique needs. They also need to be guided toward the latest expert advice in specialty areas that will affect the outcome of their project.

That’s what professional designations are all about.  When you see those letters behind the name, you can have confidence that you are hiring a professional, committed to staying in the industry for the long term.

How to Find a Builder with a Designation

Builders can earn professional designations through both the North Carolina Builder Institute, which is adminstered by the North Carolina Home Builders Association, and the National Association of Home Builders. NOTE: The award of any educational designation through NCBI or NAHB does not represent and should not be construed as a guarantee or certification of the quality or fitness of the designation-holder’s work product. The designation represents only the affirmation that the individual designation-holder has completed the stipulated requirements of the respective designation program.

North Carolina Builder Institute Designation Holders

Click here to find a builder with an NCBI designation.

NAHB Education Designation Holders

Click here for a list of builders with an NAHB Education designation.

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