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Why Use of Member of the NCHBA?

Many times it is tempting simply to go with the lowest bidder. However, when your purchase involves the quality of life you will live, or the largest investment you will ever make, the low bid may be a big mistake—the kind of mistake you will have many years to live to regret.

You may (or may not) get the lowest bid from an NCHBA member, but your reasons to use a particular contractor or vendor should go much beyond the dollar figure. The following 21 characteristics of NCHBA members are reasons why, when you choose a member of the NCHBA for your project, you can rest assured that you won’t be regretting the choice.

NCHBA Members are Professionals
• They have the necessary licenses for their profession
• They carry insurance—not only protecting their own business, but also your project
• They work to develop reputable businesses that can stand the scrutiny of peer review.
• They commit to a standard of ethics in the conduct of their business.
• They invest time and money into taking classes that improve their ability to make a better product.
• They commit to researching new products and new techniques to industry trade shows, like the 21st Century Building Expo & Conference.

NCHBA Members are in it for the Long Term
• By joining the association they are showing a commitment to long-term development of their company.
• They seek opportunities to rub shoulders with those in the industry who have run successful businesses for years.
• They believe that spending a bit now to educate themselves will pay dividends as time goes on.

NCHBA Members work to Keep Housing Affordable
• Excessive regulation threatens the ability of average wage-earners, like teachers and police, to afford a home.
• They support legislative efforts to restrict regulatory bureaucracies from growing in a self-serving manner at the home-owner’s expense.
• They support fiscally responsible government efforts to promote housing (like the Housing Trust Fund).
• They research new technologies and developing products to find more efficient ways of building homes.

NCHBA Members are Community-minded
• They may be your next-door neighbors, and they live in and care about their, and your, community.
• They provide necessary support for vocational education programs in your local schools.
• They encourage the vocational education teachers in your high schools and community colleges.
• They provide college scholarships through their support of the Educational Foundation.
• They volunteer in community service projects, like building handicap ramps for service organizations, etc.
• They have built hundreds of Habitat houses across the state.
• They have built homes for injured returning veterans.
• Like you, they want a healthy, safe, caring community for their kids to grow up in.

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