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2022 Committees & NCHBA Staff Liaison

Associate Members
Chair:  Alma Jacobs
Vice Chair: Charlene Allen
Liaison—Tracie Garrett
Committee Description: Provides supplementary representation of the total membership in a cooperative effort for the benefit of the association.

Building Codes
Chair: Jay Overton
Vice Chair: Jeff Buchanan
Liaison—Robert Privott
Committee Description: Reviews and formulates proposed changes to the N.C. Building Codes; aggressively pursues the adoption of codes that protect the affordability of housing while providing necessary protection to human health and safety; informs members of pertinent building code issues.

Chair: Craig Johnson
Vice Chair: Jake Overton
Liaison—Lauren Goodwin
Committee Description: The political fundraiser arm of the North Carolina Home Builders Association. The political action committee financially supports political candidates at the state and local levels who support our industry. Only NC BUILD-PAC trustees appointed by each local association are eligible to vote on items before this committee.

Chair: Robin Newhouse
Vice Chair: Jonathan Lee
Liaison—Jeffrey Turner
Committee Description: Plans and initiates campaigns to promote the association, industry issues and annual monthly themes; recognizes local HBA’s PR, as well as projects in the North Carolina Builder magazine and other communication efforts.

Construction Careers
Chair: Nicole Goolsby
Vice Chair: Gus Adams
Liaison—Kep Paylor
Committee Description: Evaluates existing program and prepares appropriate recommendations for vocational education training.

High Performance
Chair: Jeff Logsdon
Vice Chair: Phil Warrick
Liaison—Robert Privott

Land Development, Regulatory & Workforce Housing
Co-Chair: Jim Anderson
Vice Chair: Karla Knotts
Liaison—Chris Millis
Committee Description: Assesses the needs of the land development community, reviews issues relevant to land development and particularly issues which may impact cost of land and affordability of housing constructed on land; makes recommendations as necessary to the Legislative and Regulatory Committees; and builds support within the development community for the activities and initiatives of the Association. Reviews all regulatory changes affecting the home building industry and takes appropriate action, keeps the membership advised of pertinent regulatory issues and provides assistance to locals on regulatory issues.

Chair: Cindy Sheldon
Vice Chair: Dicky Gephart
Liaison—Steven Webb
Committee Description: Monitors the activities of the N.C. General Assembly affecting the home building industry and recommends desirable changes and opposes undesirable changes in the law.

Chair: Katie Mariani
Vice Chair: Nicole Goolsby
Liaison—Maureen Mullen
Committee Description: Works on recruitment and retention of members; plans and executes the Membership Drive; evaluates member services; assists locals with membership contests, orientation, retention methods, etc.

2022 Quarterly Meetings

March 8
NCHBA 1st Quarter Board Meeting
June 7-8
NCHBA Legislative Conference & 2nd Quarter Board Meeting
October 19
NCHBA Third Quarter Boarding Meeting
December 13
NCHBA 4th Quarter Board Meeting & Installation

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