NC Housing Hall of Fame

The following people have been inducted in the N.C. Housing Hall of Fame, which honors men and women who have made significant and lasting contributions to housing in North Carolina, the building industry and the North Carolina Home Builders Association.

1994 – John Crosland, Jr. and T. Larry Summer
1995 – Nicholas DeMai, Jr., Sherril Faw and Mark Tipton
1996 – W. Travis Porter III
1997 – William T. Boyd, Eugene A. Gulledge and J. Ray Sparrow
1998 – Louis R. Dickerson and Paul D. Trollinger
1999 – John R. Adams
2000 – Charles C. McLaurin and C. Kenneth Mitchell
2001 – John W. Person
2002 – Herschel A. Redding and Joseph R. Tarascio
2003 – Robert J. Yatko
2004 – David L. Pressly, Jr.
2005 – Frank V. Beam
2006 – J.K. Sherron, Jr.
2010 – Former Senator David Hoyle and Allen Tate
2011 – Marshall Knight and Dan Tingen
2012 – Alma Jacobs and Duke Geraghty
2013 – Danny Adams and Tom Pearson
2014 – Roger Earnhardt and Rick Judson
2015 – Kathy Craven Snodgrass and Frank Wiesner
2016 – Lyle Gardner
2017 – Bob Kucab and Gerald Kamp
2018 – Hiram Williams and Leon Meyers
2019 – Gary Hill and Lucius Jones
2020– Dave Stormont and Jerry Cowan
2021– Karla Knotts
2022– Mike Gerber and Kaye Leonard

If you have any questions about the Housing Hall of Fame, please contact Alison Barnes at NCHBA at (919) 676-9090 or by e-mail at

Nomination Period for Hall of Fame Will Open in January

The primary purpose of the NCHHF is to honor men and women who have made significant and lasting contributions to housing in North Carolina, the building industry and to the North Carolina Home Builders Association.  Nominees do not have to be active or a member of the North Carolina Home Builders Association.

To nominate an individual who has excelled in making a significant and lasting contribution to the building industry, please complete the NCHHF nomination form and return it by mail or e-mail by the deadline.

NCHHF Bylaws

Return nomination form via email to or mail to: NCHBA, Attn: Alison Barnes, P.O. Box 99090, Raleigh, NC  27624.

The inductee(s) will be announced at the NCHBA 2nd Quarter Board of Directors meeting and the induction ceremony will take place during the Installation Dinner at the NCHBA 4th Quarter Meetings in December.

Induction into the NCHHF is a prestigious honor.  All nominations will be carefully screened and given thorough consideration by the NCHHF Board of Governors. When completing the nomination form please keep in mind that the Board of Governors must make their decisions based on what the application states about a nominee. Therefore it is extremely important that the information submitted contains as much detail as possible.

If you have any questions, please contact Alison Barnes at the NCHBA (919) 676-9090 or by email at

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