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The Political Action Committee of the North Carolina Home Builders Association (NC BUILD-PAC) is a non-partisan committee organized for the specific purpose of raising funds to support pro-housing candidates of all parties at the state and local levels of government.

Contributions to NC BUILD-PAC are an investment in the future of your business and the home building industry as a whole. It is essential that we are able to support the candidates that understand and will fight for the issues important to us when they are in office. Candidates who receive support from NC BUILD-PAC know our critical issues and understand the depth of that support because it comes from thousands of builders and associates across the state. NC BUILD-PAC contributions are the key to our being able to promote a pro-housing agenda in the legislature and local governments statewide.

If you would like more information regarding North Carolina BUILD-PAC, contact Steven Webb at swebb@nchba.org or 1-800-662-7129.

The National Association of Home Builders sponsors a political action committee (NAHB BUILD-PAC) that represents the interests of home builders at the federal level. The NC BUILD-PAC and NAHB BUILD-PAC are not affiliated; however the combined scope ensures that candidates who share the interests and concerns of the home building industry are elected at every level of government. For information regarding the NAHB BUILD-PAC, please visit www.nahb.org/buildpac.

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BUILD-PAC Frequently Asked Questions

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