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What Do the Abbreviations Mean?

Have you ever noticed the initials by someone’s name, such as “AMB” or “CGP”? These letters signify that these builders or associates have earned a professional designation.

Benefits for Industry Professionals

The changing housing market can translate into fiercer competition for your business. How can you differentiate yourself from your competition? With advanced education! The NCBI offers comprehensive training programs to builders, remodelers and other industry specialists that lead to the following professional credentials:

  • Accredited Builder
  • Accredited Master Builder
  • Accredited Remodeler
  • Accredited Residential Superintendent
  • Accredited Associate
  • Accredited Master Associate

Benefits for Consumers

Professional designations give consumers a guide to selecting professionals who have specialized in their areas of interest, whether it is aging-in-place or remodeling. Consumers can rest assured that a credentialed graduate from NCBI or the NAHB Education curriculum has excellent training, practical experience and in-depth knowledge.


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