Highlights From NAHB’s Mid-Year Meeting

NCHBA was well-represented at NAHB’s Mid-Year Meeting held last week in Portland, Oregon.

Allen Oliver (right) and Judy Dinelle (center).

Allen Oliver (right) of the Raleigh-Wake HBA, representing the National Sales & Marketing Council, urges NAHB board members to support BUILD-PAC. He is joined by Judy Dinelle (center) of the Asheville HBA, who announced the fund-raising success of the Professional Women in Building Council (PWB). Dinelle is the chair of the national PWB council.

James Pressly

James Pressly of the Iredell County HBA and Blake Massengill, president of the Raleigh-Wake HBA, represented North Carolina at the Presidents Council breakfast.

Blake Massengill

Jay Beaman of the Raleigh-Wake HBA was designated a Senior Life Director of NAHB by the board of directors. Beaman is the owner and president of Beaman Building and Realty, Inc. READ MORE

Jay Beaman

NCHBA Immediate Past President and NAHB Executive Committee State Rep. Gary Embler shares all the good news from NC during the Area 4 Caucus.

Gary Embler

Buddy Hughes, chairman of NAHB’s Convention & Meetings Committee, addresses the Board of Directors regarding dates for the 2019, 2020 and 2021 NAHB Fall board meetings.

Buddy Hughes

2024 Quarterly Meetings

February 13
NCHBA 1st Quarter Board Meeting
June 4-5
NCHBA Legislative Conference & 2nd Quarter Board Meeting
November 12
NCHBA Third Quarter Board Meeting
December 10
NCHBA 4th Quarter Board Meeting & Installation

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