Pandemic Reminds Us Of The Importance Of A Healthy Indoor Environment At Home

By Randall Lanou, BuildSense Design + Construction

Like many of you, I now spend more time at home during the work day with family than ever before. We certainly all have concerns about our family’s health in the midst of a pandemic. With so much discussion about health and safety, it’s an easy jump to wonder about a home’s indoor environment. Is it comfortable? Is it healthy?

A higher quality indoor environment is the result of four things: limiting pollutants and contaminants (non-toxic carpet and paint choices, for example), providing lots of fresh air (energy recovery ventilation, for example), delivering even temperature and humidity (a well balanced and correctly sized heating and air conditioning system, for example), and preventing moisture problems that can attract pests and contribute to mold problems (understanding how a building “breathes,” for example).

A healthier and more comfortable indoor environment is another critical benefit of a certified National Green Building Standard (NGBS) home. Learn more about NGBS best practices and certification here.

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